Cancun retirement

August 13th, 2010

Guest post written by James Williams

My busy schedule at work never gave me much time to travel for leisure. I clocked a lot of plane time, but once I stepped off the plane I would almost always go straight to a hotel or a conference room instead of seeing an interesting sights in the particular area.

So my retirement plans are a little different. I’m retiring in Cancun, Mexico. It sounds a little crazy. I know I’ll be farther away from my grandkids and friends, but they’ll all have great excuses to come and visit me in Cancun!

This has required a little more retirement planning and the perfect excuse to take Spanish language classes. However, when I was in these classes I was having trouble hearing the teacher speak and had to ask her to repeat her phrases a lot. So I decided that to enjoy retirement the fullest, I should be able to hear as well as possible. So I looked up miracle ear locations and stopped by one to learn my hearing help options. Now I feel much more equipped to settle down and enjoy my sunny, relaxing retirement.

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