Snuggling under the Christmas blanket

December 30th, 2010

Guest post written by Betsy Sawyer

Even though I really love the holidays, it feels like it’s never really the holidays until my kids are home for the holidays and we’re all watching Christmas specials on TV like Rudolph and a Charlie Brown Christmas. I think that they’re even more into the holidays now that they’re in college than when they were little girls because I think they appreciate the holidays more. Plus that also means a month that they have off for college.

Before they got home for Christmas, I went online to try and find some different things to fix them to welcome them home and when I was doing that I came across the website WIRELESSINTERNET.NET. I read through it a little bit and actually signed up for one of the packages that was on there.

We have this one really big¬†holiday blanket that we used to snuggle up underneath on the couch when the kids were little. Now it won’t really fit all of us, but I think that I may even try to find another one like it so that we’ll all have enough to cover up with.

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